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  • Creating a Safe Space for Play

    Keeping babies and toddlers safe at home is naturally something that new parents focus on. Whether you have a curious crawler or a toddler on a mission to explore your home, having a designated play area they can call their own makes it easier to have other rooms, like the laundry room, be off limits. This area can be in a separate room in your home or use an existing room, like the living room. Following these tips will help get you started.

    Quick Tip

    For higher traffic areas of your home, a walk-through gate allows for easier parental access to the rest of the house.
    See the World Through a Child’s Eyes
    Making Furniture Safe
    Toddlers and Electronics
    Choosing Toys
    Checking In
    Calculate Your Home's Safety
    Get started on your child-proofing journey with our home safety calculator tool.
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