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  • Window Safety for Baby and Toddler

    There is nothing more exciting than bringing home a new baby, and you naturally want your home to be as safe as possible for the new arrival. We often think of kitchens and bathrooms as areas of focus, but don’t forget the windows! It is not hard to take precautionary measures to ensure that your windows remain safe for your baby as they grow into toddler-hood. Following these simple tips and tricks will help make your house a fun and safe environment in which your child can grow, play and learn.

    Quick Tip

    Keep your child's favorite toys near the floor where they can easily access them without climbing.
    Tuck up Dangling Cords

    Install Window Locks
    Keep the Window Area Clear
    Calculate Your Home's Safety
    Get started on your child-proofing journey with our home safety calculator tool.
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